Friday, January 18, 2013

I Heart ING & RRSP Season

There have been times, where I have been frustrated with ING, but by and large, I have been very happy since we switched to Thrive back in January, 2011.  These last two weeks have been no different.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be part of the trial of their cheque in feature which allows me to deposit cheques by taking pictures with an iPhone app - a really cool feature!

Over Christmas this was especially handy.  Not only did we receive gifts to be deposited but we also were paid back for shopping for others using cheques - so in my very small town of 3,800 people - I could still get all the banking done that I needed.

Once we got back from the holidays I realized that there was a bit of a snafu.  Several of my cheques had been deposited twice...once when I submitted the photo, and then again once they received the original in the mail - whoops.  One of them was even deposited three times!

Well, ING got it sorted out and I can only imagine audited the rest of the beta users to make sure it hadn't happened with them too.

That was all over the last few weeks - when I checked today I noticed I had a hold on $250 (the value of one of my deposits). I have good history with ING (no holds up to $5,000) - so called in.  It had to do with the other snafu, but not only did the representative I spoke to get it corrected, he told me he would follow up with the Rep who put the hold so they could both learn from it.  Wowza!  Good customer service!

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Finally, when I was getting off the call, the Rep let me know about an RRSP promotion they have on right now.  At every other financial institution I bank with, I always feel like they are trying to sell me something - but not in this case.  I was receiving 1.35% on my RRSP account - and now, for the next 90 days, will received 2.5%!  It's not a lot, but it's a lot more than it was - and I didn't have to do any work to get it!

As most of you know, Jordan and I contribute regularly to RRSPs rather then at the end of the year - so this is really the only thing we'll be doing this RRSP season.

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