Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here we are at Worldwide Financial commitment strategies in Cyprus?

Due to the regulation in most nations, every nation is looking for foreign and regional traders to be able to help replenish its economic system and offer career.

Cyprus is one of these nations with several techniques to entice this type of extensive traders, but then what type of investment can a possible trader do in Malta to help create his worth while?

Real property is out at this point of your efforts and energy and effort for the known reasons,unless for traders who have having access to audience and can be engaged in the harbour and golf tasks. But even these (the latter in particular) there are so many tasks around that it makes their fascination difficult to maintain. Already one (existing) golf venture in Pafos is growing with another 18 opening golf providing moreover to the current unsold (first golf project) of around 300 models, another 400 models for the new phase/expansion and all these moreover to the several resales. This is one and there are another 4 golf tasks with allows. Limassol harbour is doing well, but then it is the first and only one, it is in Limassol and its outcomes cannot be estimated in the same way to the other two marinas and the one awaiting (in Pafos).

In our search to determine some kind of appropriate investment possibilities in Malta, the only ones we came up with is that of touristic platform tasks and wellness care/ areas and knowledge.

Tourism is on the up, whereas the long run objectives are beneficial with regard to top quality resorts on the seaside. This new creation of resorts must be along with spa, enjoyment and extensive meeting places which can provide around 1.000 individuals. These resorts are more appropriate to Limassol and Pafos, in contrast to other places, since meeting individuals merge a meeting with enjoyment and as such places such as Polis, Paralimni etc are not in first concern. Even resorts with some kind of golf facilities/connections are not doing as well as one would anticipate with the golf relationship.

Water recreational places and places is another choice, but then analyzing the water recreational places, one has handled to endure, plus another two whose financial outcomes are not so clear. Another 2 which handled for a while closed down. Concept recreational places need a lot of area in appropriate places which is not easily found in vacationer places.

Health-private medical facilities are another choice especially for those who can offer top medical minds and devices, to be able to entice our Arabic others who live nearby. A relationship with say an Israeli medical center is one way and which can entice part of the over 200 mil. Arabic citizens, as well as from other nations. The cost of comparative good care must be examined however. A most effective regional heart medical center for example, is asking for more or less the same as a specific In german medical center. So is there a upcoming for this (let alone the free Govt medical facilities - be it with a lot of failings)??

Higher knowledge is another choice usually a division of a Western school is also to be regarded not so much to protect the regional needs but the Center Eastern, as well as far southern nations. The levels given must be comparative and the charges billed much be less to help create it aggressive.

Sports facilities are another choice using the good climate. A activities set up which will consist of moreover soccer, golf, diving, gym etc, to work with regional regulators and use the current public works for boating, kayaking and other aquatic activities could be an all year function, gaining foreign groups for coaching. The latest success by a Western company to identify a boating school in Pafos is a start, as is the predicted Snorkeling investments (to be) all over the isle.

Using the old Larnaca terminal or the under used Pafos terminal for light aircraft training/pilots could be another, based on regional costs in regards to those, overseas.

There must be other, but whatever one chooses to look at, financing is the significant issue since regional fund is not available and inbound foreign traders must have their financing in place. Another issue is the paperwork which takes too plenty of your efforts and energy and effort. Despite that the Govt has set up a "fast-track" process, time is still a issue - see Qatar deal, the Larnaca Shopping Shopping mall, the Western Conference Area at Alamanos and so many other who remaining due to time. We have a somewhat difficult mind-set, as individuals, we are scared. A most latest example is the old Limassol slot which is being designed into a "fishing/entertainment" slot, but because a couple of the structures prevent the perspective to the sea (from where?) there is a lot of conversation to destroy them and thus putting the whole venture under query. We wish that now that we are "poor", we will put some kind of feeling in our head and we could ignore some of our unusual actions.

The finishing of this National phrase will, hopefully, open the entrance to gambling house and other investments and a more generous strategy to such issues. Time is not with us we are scared and other nations in more or less the same economic system such as ours are viewing and speaking with the restricted international traders that have left

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ten Market Estimates and Predictions From 2012 - An Evaluation

Market estimates and predictions are always viewed with a degree of caution. Attempting to forecast the direction of shares, currencies and interest rates is very difficult to do, especially with any accuracy or consistency. However, some crystal ball gazing can be a necessary exercise for investment advisers and strategists, and it does at least allow us to focus our thoughts, consider various scenarios and evaluate risks and opportunities. Rather than rely too heavily on market predictions, we prefer to consider them as talking points that might encourage some insightful debate and thought.

On that note, let's recap and evaluate what we wrote a year ago regarding 2012.

1. Recession in Europe, while the US economy surprises us

Correct. Europe did fall back into recession despite most forecasters expecting at least some growth, while the US economy was much more resilient than many predicted as house prices stabilised and consumers began to spend again. Many of the worst problems in the United States over 2012 were political, rather than economic.

2. No break-up of the Eurozone in 2012

Correct. The Greek election was a bit of a debacle, but in the end the Eurozone stuck together and the European Central Bank resolved to do "whatever it takes" to keep things stable. For now, it's working.

3. No "hard landing" for China

Correct, but only half a point. China did avoid a hard landing (which would have had severe consequences for Australia and to a lesser extent, New Zealand) but we also said it would hit 8% growth. It looks to have just missed this hurdle, with actual growth for the year likely to be in the high sevens.

4. Shares have a positive year

Correct, but only half a point, because we weren't nearly optimistic enough. We picked the local market to deliver "at least 5%" and the US to rise 10%, but share investors have had an outstanding year with the NZX50 up 24.2% and the US rising 15.9%.

5. NZ Interest rates remain very low

Correct. A year ago the bank economists were, on average, expecting the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to hit 3.0% by the end of 2012, but it was unmoved all year at its current 2.5% as the recovery remained very sluggish.

6. The NZ dollar rises against our major trading partners

Correct. The NZ dollar rose 6.6% against the US dollar as the Americans continued to undermine their currency with their money printing policies. It also rose against the British Pound, the Euro and the Australian dollar.

7. Fixed interest doesn't repeat its 2011 performance

Correct. Fixed interest was the star asset class of 2011, delivering a stunning 13.3% compared with NZ shares, which fell 1.0%. But in 2012, shares had their best year since 2004 rising almost 25%, while fixed interest delivered a reliable yet much less inspiring 6.2%.

8. Obama is re-elected US president

Correct. It was a tight race and Mitt Romney put up a good fight, but the eventual election result meant an unchanged US political landscape. Ironically, rather than the usual post-election optimism, markets saw the status quo outcome as a major negative. The expectation of further political gridlock and further decision-making stalemates drove the S&P500 down 5% in the days immediately following the election.

9. Mighty River Power might not be the only game in town, as legislative changes might enable Fonterra to introduce share trading allowing the public to invest

Correct. A final decision on Mighty River was deferred into 2013 and Fonterra did indeed come to market (in the form of the Fonterra Shareholders Fund), and what a stunning debut it was.

10. Inflation falls back to low levels

Correct. Official inflation was just 0.8% - below the Reserve Bank's target band of 1-3% and unlikely to spark any interest rate rises in a hurry.

That's nine out of 10 for 2012, which is a great result during what was another difficult year to navigate, despite the good returns we saw in the end. Following this stellar performance, how will the market perform in 2013 and what sort of themes should investors be thinking about? See my next article 10 predictions for the year ahead.

Monday, February 4, 2013

February NetWorth

Just a brief post today with February's Networth update.


  • Increase to RRSPs & Pension (regular contributions)

  • Increase to Savings (regular contributions)


  • Decrease in Mortgage and Escape (regular payments)