Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips to Help You Save

Increasing numbers of families are changing their spending habits and starting to save. If you have not been a saver in the past, it can be a difficult thing to learn. However, savings can do many things for us over time.

Savings will improve your standing with your bank, and they will help to improve your credit rating. It may not be fair, but the truth is, if you have savings, it is much easier to access credit! Savings also give you more flexibility when emergencies crop up or if a sudden purchase is needed.

The problem for many people is that they don't feel they earn enough to be able to have a significant amount. The truth is we all spend some of our money on unnecessary items. While no one would expect us to live a frugal fun-free life, it is important to make our money go as far as possible.

Even £50 per week over time can build up to a significant amount of money. Here is the best piece of saving advice we have seen to help people and improve their personal finances:

Manage your wages effectively

For millions of people, the wages always run out before the month does. This is not always because they don't earn enough money, sometimes it is simply down to a little bit of mismanagement. The problem is how you use your money when you are paid. Most people will pay all their monthly bills as soon as they receive their wage, and then have a splurge on whatever else they need, that they have been waiting until payday for. The problem with this approach is that it is easy to over-spend and end up with nothing left only a week after payday. We know some instances where individuals have had so much to 'catch-up' on by pay day they literally had no money left the next day. This is an extreme case of money mismanagement!

Put your utility bills on direct debts and create an account for all your regular monthly outgoings. Move the right amount out of your current account as soon as your wage is paid. This will help you to see clearly how much money you have left and keep the money for ongoing bills away from your regular current account activity.

Once you have done this the amount you have left should be split into four for each week of the month. It may sound simple, but it really is the only way to get back on track and start getting used to managing on a set amount each week. It's easy to feel well off after payday. The problem is that it creates a 'boom and bust' existence which plays havoc on your credit rating, can result in debt, and huge amounts of stress, because all you end up doing is juggling money every month, it is no way to live.

For the first few months you may feel a little hard up for cash, but you will soon find that you get used to it and are able to get through to the end of the month without any problems.

This is exactly when you should start saving! It is a great opportunity to add a small direct debit for an amount to be saved and put straight into a savings account each month. Don't let yourself get used to the higher amount. Be strict and stash the cash.

For example an employed person earning £2,000 per month will have £1,000 outgoings each month for utility bills, rent, food, fuel and other direct debits. That leaves one thousand pounds, which is £250 per week. Instead, they could save £50 per week, leaving £200 per week and saving them an annual amount of £2600.

The feedback from hardworking people who have tried this approach is simple; there is no doubt it works!

Time flies, and life moves on at a pace. It is amazing, once you get into a routine, in just five years £2600 turns into £13,000, and it would be more than that if you had been using a high interest account. What could you do with £13,000 right now? Think back five years from today. If you had started saving then, you would have that sum right now.

Don't waste time, start saving straight away. You will never regret it and no matter how much you manage to save, it will be an amount worth having.


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